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Our Standards


Quality is the supreme value at Atal Realtech. Right from design and a definite work-plan customary to client’s specifications, choice and utilisation of technology, raw materials and construction, every process is carried out on strict levels ensuring finest calibre.

With the ideal team-effort of expertise, technology and regular value analysis, we are dedicated to provide you services that exude the best calibre of quality. Our futuristic vision and innovative approach towards building extra-ordinary structures, inspires us to continually refine our quality standards and deliver excellence in every project.


Respected in the industry for ethical and generous leadership, Atal Realtech is always concerned about safety and health of its staff at every level. Safety checks are performed on every stage of project execution by our team of experts equipped with trusted safety-gears.

The checks are designed as-such that they assure zero accidents on-site. Major operations on-site are carried out through advanced machinery which need low to zero human-control. The staff at every level is regularly educated, equipped and trained with new technologies and concepts. We ensure that everyone leaves for home hale and hearty every day.


At Atal Realtech, we believe that sustainability of every project begins with an empowered foundation which needs to be respected and preserved. Mother earth is our ultimate inspiration and foundation of our every structure and therefore we are committed in retaining its natural beauty.

To maintain the environmental friendly aspect of structures, the procedures and raw materials are responsibly planned, to minimise the usage of natural resources. The main boost in helping us steadily move towards reliable construction is Technology. We are equipped with choicest machineries from reputed brands around the world that help us minimise our carbon footprint.